GAZ Coilovers, or alternatives?

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GAZ Coilovers, or alternatives?

Post by liam_0404 » Mon Jul 17, 2017 11:39 am

Thinking of going coilovers on my Scirocco GT for a bit more lows and the ability to change things if I want. Want something decent as it's used a bit (not a daily though) so don't want it being rock solid or crashy

I've had GAZ before and really liked them on my MK4 Golf, adjustable damping so was able to change the set up, lifetime warranty etc, but they are specific for a MK1 Golf. Pretty sure they'll fit as it's the same running gear but will the be "set up" for a MK1's weight etc, even though I can change the settings. At just over £600 seems a decent purchase.

Only other ones I've seen that are MK2 Scirocco specific are Weitec but not sure where to get these. Or do I just go for eBay AP coilovers (£400) as it's "just a GT" and not a track car or anything, but I don't want tat!!


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