Classic Car Valuations (Bespoke Valuations)

27 July 2023

With over thirty years of professional independent valuation experience, including ten years as Editor of Glass’s Guide and many years as an expert witness, John Glynn at Classic Car Valuations is recommended and approved by insurers including Adrian Flux, Classicline, Sterling Insurance, Footman James, Locktons and REIS Motorsport Insurance.

John’s bespoke vehicle valuation reports are several pages long. Covering a vehicle’s unique history, and specification including any modifications and current condition, they give the peace of mind required when a standard valuation at average market prices that fails to consider a car’s unique provenance and condition is unsatisfactory.

John’s specialist agreed insurance valuation reports for cars up to £150k in value cost £75 each and are valid for two years. Scirocco Register paid members get a 20% discount on John’s pricing – find the code in the member’s area.

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