Events are live!

22 January 2024

🚗 Calling all Scirocco enthusiasts! 📅 The Scirocco Register is revving up for a fantastic year of unforgettable car shows, and we’ve just updated our calendar with some must-attend events.

🎉 Hold on tight, because there’s more excitement to come! 🌟 The Scirocco Register is on the move, and we’ve got a trunk full of shows ready to roll.

This year promises to be a blast, filled with the distinct hum of engines, the sweet scent of community, and the shared love for Sciroccos. 🏁 We’re not your average car club – we’re all about the unique charm of Sciroccos and the thrill of experiencing them together.

So, what’s on the roadmap? Imagine classic Scirocco shows that take you on a nostalgia trip, modern marvels that redefine cool, and everything in between. From sleek aerodynamics to the timeless appeal of a classic, we’ve got a little something for every Scirocco fan.

And here’s a surprise for you – be on the lookout for unexpected events because spontaneity is our middle name. 🌶️

Join us on this journey as we cruise through the year, celebrating the unique allure of Sciroccos and the vibrant community that makes us special.