The Big Reveal – Nationals 2024 part 1

28 July 2023

Welcome to Friday – The Big Reveal

This is a two-parter – and we’ve been wanted to do it for weeks.

In fact, we’d pretty much signed the deal on this on the Monday after we were back from Cosford but after the comedy we’ve had over the past few years, we wanted to make sure things were all sorted properly before mentioning anything.

For those of you that need to catch up with what’s been going, here’s a really condensed version.

Cosford spent two years dicking us about then prevented us from doing what we normally do – sorting members and flogging merch. It’s really easy to be a bit bitter about it, but the people we’d normally deal with were just following instructions from new management and we’re over it.

Still, preventing us from using a card machine just to pay for membership but then allowing us to use it to pay for parking seems a bit poxy.

The icing on the cake was the campsite.

It wasn’t bad. The site had definitely improved in the last year. But there was a sense that the new owners didn’t entirely trust us and embarrassed themselves when they tried saying we hadn’t paid enough.

We had, obviously. In fact, we’d over paid slightly.

As you can imagine, we were a bit lost.

Why is this in two parts?

We wanted to explain why we’re moving and didn’t want the doom and gloom in the second post. We’ll get something together today at some point.

But if you’re looking for clues – It’s another museum.