The Big Reveal – Nationals 2024 part 2

28 July 2023

Part 2

Even over the weekend at Cosford, we all had conversations about what was going to happen next, and a couple of venues kept coming up.

Location wise, it fits the bill. It’s slightly further away for us filthy Southerners but it’s fairly central, there’s plenty of facilities on site and ample parking.

Plus, they don’t care what we sell there.

As if that wasn’t appealing enough, we discovered that they were looking to do a big, one day event based around VW. Conversations led to excited emails and now we’re going to be part of that day.

Obviously, plans need to be finalized, but the idea is that they host the main event and SR hold the National on the same day.

A massive Scirocco meet at the heart of everything.


At the moment, it wouldn’t be wise to release the date as they’re still talking to other clubs and getting their things in order.

But we’re pleased to announce that in 2024, the Scirocco Register National will be held at the Great British Car Journey in Derby.

Great British Car Journey | A tour through British motoring history


As you can imagine, we’re stoked.